Alu Side-Drain slot drains and accessories

With the development of the Alu Side-Drain, Metal Projekt Polska has proven its innovativeness in the field of slot drainage. It need hardly be mentioned that we again paid particular attention to not only the design and finish, but also the aesthetic affect after installation.

The Alu Side-Drain is a high quality extruded aluminium profile with integrally designed slot drain and drainage channel.

The Alu Side-drain comes fitted with a pre-assembled ‘MPP-click system.’ This feature not only allows for automatic alignment during installation, but is also waterproof and extremely fast. Fumbling with plastic parts is a thing of the past and thereby environmentally friendly.

The slot drain is currently available in one height and, like the Alu Side-Line, only anodised after construction which means that the profile is completely anodised. This prevents oxidation at the cutting or milling seams. We call this ‘full’ anodising.

In addition to the Alu Side-Drain, we also offer a range of accessories:

  • Standard inspection cover
  • Inspection cover with vertical discharge dia 75
  • Inspection cover with horizontal discharge dia 50
  • Internal corners
  • External corners
  • Closed end pieces left
  • Closed end pieces right
  • Closed end pieces right with discharge outlet dia 50
  • Closed end pieces left with discharge outlet dia 50
  • Connectors
  • Internal corners
  • External corners
  • Assembly adhesive


All inspection covers take the design into consideration and both accessories include continuous slots. The Alu Side-Drain therefore creates a singular whole without visual interruption. Connecting pieces are also made from aluminium. The Alu Side-Line allows the contractor to work quickly and efficiently while saving cost which also results in a win-win situation.

Alu Side-Drain

Alu Side-Drain – maintenance cover

Alu Side-Drain – closed end pieces

Alu Side-Drain – end pieces with horizontal discharge

Alu Side-Drain – connectors

Alu Side-Drain – internal corner connection

Alu Side-Drain – external corner connection

Alu Side-Drain – assembly adhesive