Alu Side-Line light slot drain and accessories

Based on our Pro-Line, the design department at Metal Projekt Polska developed a slot drainage top unit where the aesthetic finish is somewhat less important and the economic aspect plays a greater role.

Like our Pro version, the Alu Side-Line light is produced from high-quality extruded aluminium profile, however this slot drain has two separate aluminium profiles which are welded together through individual joints.

The Alu Side-Line light can be installed on a polymer or plastic discharge channel with a free opening of at least 100mm in the width.

The Alu Side-Line features a single continuous slot over the entire length and is not equipped with an anodised finish. The Alu Side-Line light cannot be used in combination with design slot drains. For such applications, please refer to the Alu Side-Line Pro series.

In addition to the top unit, we also offer an inspection cover and sand trap to easily clean the elements.

Alu Side-Line light

Alu Side-Line light – maintenance cover

Alu Side-Line light – sand trap