Aluminum Side-Line grating and accessories

Discreet grating drainage systems for terraces or driveways are becoming more and more popular. With this in mind, MPP developed a new design piece in the world of channel drainage.

The Aluminum Side-Line is a high-quality extruded aluminum profile suitable for polymer or plastic outlet channels with a clear opening that is at least 100mm wide.

The Aluminum Side-Line is not given its anodising layer until it is finished. The advantage of this is that the profile is fully anodised, which avoids subsequent oxidation of the sawing or milling edges. This is referred to as full anodising.

Besides the Aluminum Side-Line, we also offer attachment sets such as the Aluminum Side-Line maintenance cover and the Aluminum Side-Line sand trap. Again the design look was taken into account and both attachments use continuous grating to create a single uninterrupted whole with the Aluminum Side-Line slot drain.

The standard pre-mounted outliner at the side of the profile allows several profiles to be connected easily. This does not only save the contractor a huge amount of time; it also results in an exceptionally attractive end result.

Aluminum Side-line

Aluminum Side-line – maintenance cover

Aluminum Side-line – sand trap

Aluminum Side-line – internal corner connection

Aluminum Side-line – external corner connection

Polymer drain

Polymer drain with slot diffuser

Polymer drain with Aluminum Side-Line

Polymer drain sand trap

Polymer drain start and end piece

Polymer drain smell trap