With the DC-Multi-Line Pro, we want to provide a solution for the problem when a utility duct with electricity, water, compressed air, etc. is present.

Our R&D department is available to you in order to jointly offer a solution when such situations occur. 3D simulations are possible.

The combination is solely possible with the Pro-Line series and where necessary with the DC-Euromaster. Both types are not only odour, gas and waterproof, but at the same time the filling cover is screwed to the outer frame.

The recess covers are equipped with three seals according to the latest engineering standards: Two seals at the base and a T rubber incorporated in the side of the frame.

The T rubber has three functions.

  • Prevents dirt residue between the filling cover and the frame.
  • Due to the rubber’s elasticity, tension is avoided between the filling cover and the frame.
  • It provides an additional odour barrier.


The DC-Multi-Line series is available in four different heights: 60 mm – 80 mm – 100 mm and for applications in which the DC-Euromaster is used, heights of up to 140 mm are available.