The DC Tube Light-Line is a smell and waterproof aluminum inspection cover with the recessed cover placed freely in the outer frame. It also has an adapter connecting the inspection cover with the PVC outlet pipe.

The advantage of the pre-mounted adapter at the bottom of the frame is that it is not necessary to set the inspection cover in concrete before pouring concrete on the rest of the surface, for example. This saves the contractor a huge amount of time.

The inspection cover are expertly provided with two seals: one seal at the base of the recessed cover and a T rubber seal incorporated into the outer frame’s side.

The T rubber seal has three functions.

  • It prevents dirt between the recessed cover and the frame.
  • The rubber’s elastic effect avoids tension between the recessed cover and the frame.
  • It offers an additional smell barrier.


The DC Tube Light-Line series is available in three different heights – 60mm, 80mm and 100mm – and is suitable for PVC outlet pipes with a diameter of 250mm, 315mm and 400mm. We will be pleased to help you choose the right inspection cover for your application.

In addition to the standard dimensions of 400x400mm to 500x500mm, we also offer bespoke solutions within 10 days of ordering.

The inspection covers are always supplied with 2 or 4 lift keys depending on the size and reinforcement mesh.

For installation instructions, please visit our website for our installation video and PDF specifications documents and built-in installation instructions.

DC-60 Tube Light-line

DC-80 Tube Light-line

DC-100 Tube Light-line