Floor mat
MPP floor mats are special because of their robust yet attractive finish and attention to detail. End users can easily choose a floor mat to meet their specific needs by combining three floor mat types, each with their own application.


The Aluminum floor box is an indestructible, discreet aluminum floor box that is suitable for the indoor and outdoor floor mats from the Alumata Beta XL and Gamma XL ranges.

Because of its stylish finish, the Aluminum floor box can be integrated in tiles or pavers. Its outlet can be connected to a 110mm outlet pipe to drain water and dirt entering the floor mat’s slots more quickly. This system is guaranteed to be efficient.


The Aluminum frame is an aluminum frame that is easy to install indoors near the front or back door. The frame is suitable for Alumata Alpha XL floor mats.

Aluminum Floor-box

Aluminum Frame

Alumata Alfa XL floor mat

Alumata Beta XL floor mat

Alumata Gamma XL floor mat