The Stahlo Deck Pro-Line series is a specially designed galvanized inspection covers with the recessed cover screwed on to the outer frame.

The Stahlo Deck cover is smell and waterproof thanks to the built-in rubber seal.

The specially elevated profile makes the cover particularly robust and the conical side surfaces for the recessed cover ensure that the inspection cover never stick when opening or closing.

The Stahlo Deck series uses clear openings available from 300x300mm until 1000x1000mm.

In addition to the standard dimensions, we also offer bespoke solutions within 30 days of ordering.

The inspection covers are always supplied with 4 lift keys and a pre-mounted reinforcement mesh.

For installation instructions, please visit our website for our installation video and PDF specifications documents and built-in installation instructions.

Stahlo deck 75 – Pro-line

Stahlo deck 100 – Pro-line