The stainless-steel Light-Line is a stainless-steel recess cover that has been especially developed for the food industry or applications in which the use of stainless steel is required.

The filling cover is fitted with cone-shaped side surfaces, preventing sticking when opening the floor hatch. Securing anchors are provided along the outer side of the frame.

As standard, the stainless-steel Light-Line series is offered in the height of 60 mm. Other heights are easily available on request.

The stainless-steel Light-Line series is available in sizes ranging from 300×300 mm to 1000×1000 mm. In addition to these standard dimensions, we also offer special bespoke solutions and can deliver these within 30 days of ordering.

As standard, the recess cover are delivered with four “quick lift” keys and reinforcing mesh.

For installation instructions, please watch our installation video. The specification documents and installation instructions are available in pdf format. Both of these can be found on our website.

Stainless Steel Light-line